About Fulvio Eccardi´s Photos

Fulvio Eccardi. Biologist and photographer born in Italy. For 30 years he has concentrated in Mexico on researching and publicizing themes about nature and its conservation, as well as the use of natural resources. His photographs have appeared in magazines as Airone, BBC Wildlife and National Geographic. His photographic work has been exhibited in Canada, United States and Mexico. In 2003 the large-format photographic exhibition Mexico, living nature was presented at the out door gallery along the railings of Chapultepec Park, on Mexico City, and was visited by 5 million people. In 1991 he received the International Multi-Image Festival award and, in 1993, recognition at the 53 International Photographic Salon of Japan. Publisher and co-author of several books about natural history and conservation, throughout his career he has amassed an archive of more than 500 000 photographs at the service of scientific and cultural diffusion.